Border Radius
Box Shadow Offset
Box Shadow Blur
Box Shadow Color
Text Shadow Offset
Text Shadow Blur
Text Shadow Color
Skew X/Horizontal
Skew Y/Vertical
Rule Thickness
Rule Color
Not part of the CSS3 specification.
From Color
From Position (relative)
To Color
To Position (relative)
Border Thickness
Border Color
Outline Thickness
Outline Offset
Outline Color
Background Color
Opacity (0.0 = fully transparent)
Text Size
Text Color

Version 1.4. Made by Mike Plate @mikeplate
Source code on GitHub
User interface made with Dojo
Reference of CSS3 capabilites from Where can I use and QuirksMode
Icons from Farm-Fresh Web Icons
Font stacks selected from A Way Back
Clipboard copying with Zero Clipboard
No copyright. Use everything in any way you like.

Use this web application to experiment and learn about new css3 capabilities. The styles applied when changing the different settings should follow the principles of progressive enhancements and will work in all browsers that support the setting. Just change the settings and see how the rectangular box changes according to your changes.

Run the site in different browser to see what the differences are. This site will work in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer but some properties will not have an effect when changed depending on the browser capabilities. Actually almost everything works in all browsers except Internet Explorer 8 and older versions of that browser.

Since version 1.4, touch devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android are supported. You can use your finger to move and size the box, although the sizing handle can be a bit hard to touch correctly. The slider controls also work with touch. You can scroll panels and the styles at the bottom by dragging the background with your finger.

Copy the styles under "Style to use in html/css file" and paste inside your own html or css files to repeat the appearance for your own objects. Please give feedback by commenting on the blog post about this application.

Style to use in html/css file
Style as read from browser*